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There are lots of unique critters that meet the TuffHead around the world that we in the US are not all that familiar with. Send us your pictures and stories of your hunts with Tuffhead™ broadheads… For success stories and pictures other than those from North America… We’ll post them here! Send us a longer story on your hunt and we’ll set up a special webpage for you.

r&t attachment-1

r&t attachment-0 r&t buff r&t zebraRay Colvin – 2016 – RacksAndTracks.net
took these fine trophies demonstrating the efficiency of the TuffHead delivered by a wheel bow. Visit his web for details and great videos of his hunts.



mitton-eland-1Mike Mitten – 2016 – South Africa Eland and others
A very successful trip to SA, with this eland meeting a 300gr TuffHead. Mike used other broadheads on his trip also and provides a lot of photos and details in his account on TradGang here.


king-buff-2016 Tim King – April 2016 – Argentina Water Buffalo

Tim writes- “I just returned from hunting with Catena Safaris in Argentina, where I bagged an incredible trophy Water Buffalo.

After lots of testing, I wisely decided to go with a 300 grain Tuffhead, mounted on a FMJDG 300 with your Bigfoot double footing system. The setup came in at a total of 1000 grains, 28% FOC, and performed flawlessly. A single well placed arrow, excellent penetration, and he ran 100 yards and collapsed stone dead.

My bow was a Bob Lee Ultimate, 60” #69.5@28 with a SBD string that they built for the trip.

The only thing I left out about my arrows was that I used the 200 gr stainless steel glue in inserts from Traditional Archery Solutions, with everything JB Welded together (per Joes advice). I wish y’all handled the insert, I think it is a winner with your Bigfoot footings.

The Tuffhead was unscathed, still razor sharp, when I pulled it out. If the arrow shaft hadn’t bent slightly when he fell, OUTSIDE of his body, it would have been reusable! As you know from my purchases, I did a ridiculous amount of testing, and I am convinced I made the right decision with the set up. I knew I was on the right track when while practicing I completely missed the target, and my arrow went through a 1/2 rubber horse stall mat and buried in a 4×4 post, and that was with one of your brass field points!

The Tuffhead left a blood trail that you could even see at a distance(course it helped it was a heart shot!!)

Thanks again for producing an excellent product, and an abundance of information on your site.
And a bit more info on Tradgang…



Mike Bratz – October 2015 – Zimbabwe Elephant

Mike Bratz Zimbabwe elephant 2015

Mike Bratz Zimbabwe elephant 2015


I have just returned from a successful archery elephant hunt in Zimbabwe. I spoke with the owner of Tuffhead while doing my research and when he said, and I quote, ” if Ed Ashby was going elephant hunting he would be using these broadheads” I was sold. I bought the 300 grain glue ons with 75 grain steel inserts for testing, when those worked out I got more of the 300 grain heads along with the titanium inserts. THE ONLY issue I had was that with the 90# bow (Hoyt Maxxis 35) and 30″ draw, arrow flight was underspined. this was solved by trimming arrows to bare minimum and using lighter inserts in the Easton Dangerous game 250’s. Total arrow weight was 970 grains and the arrow disappeared  completely into the 20 year old bull elephant, he went app 200 yards, stopped, and after an agonizing wait he went down. My PH Tim Schultz of Kuronda Safaris has probably done more elephant archery hunts that anyone and says that he will be recommending your broadheads to clients from here on. Attached are photos, below is the you tube link to the shot and follow up.

Thank you for helping make this hunt a success.


Rodger Hemminghaus – 2014 – Aussie Water Buffalo
roger%20buff%202014_small.jpgArrows selected were Goldtip Kinetic 200 spine, with a 7 inch aluminum footing (Easton 2013 shafts fit perfectly) to stiffen them up and give a little more reinforcement up front. The stiffness was to support the EFOC, I was shooting 225gr tuffheads with a 200 gr glue-on steel insert, and Dad was shooting the same inserts with 160 gr grizzly’s (not our first choice, but we had some last minute issues with some custom screw-in inserts)

Read the story of the hunt here on BowSite.com

Clint Miller – Spring 2014 – New Zealand Tahr

…on the 4th consecutive backpacking trip in as many years to New Zealand’s wild westland region, I finally took the trophy of a lifetime, a bull tahr. This bull is the result of over 40 days spent backpacking into some of the most spectacular and rugged terrain in the world. I used a 225gr tuffhead on a 75gr adapter, a dependable broadhead for a trophy opportunity that may only come once in a lifetime. Thanks Tuffhead! – Clinton Miller


Read Clint’s engaging story with lots of great pictures posted here at TradGang.com

Marty Thomas – Africa 2014

Also a very well done video from Marty from his Africa trip this year. Too big to load from here but take the time and you will enjoy it.

click on this link….


Al Kinder – Namimba, Africa – 2013
Well mate I thought I’d share with you some pics of my recent hunt in Namimba, Africa. I used your “Meat Head” BHs and they worked flawlessly and I am sold on your heads mate!I shot my two warthogs clean through both shoulders with my recurve and I also shot my Steenbok in the sweet spot as well… Although I think 740 grain arrows might be a tad over kill for Steenbok I’d say! To top it off I spot and stalked the little fella with a tracker and took him from 38 paces whilst he was bedded… The stalk, shot and animal of a life time, of which ill never forget.Here are my two Warthogs and my Steenbok, of which all three were outstanding hunts and something I’ll never forget…peroid! I love your heads and plan to use them on just about all our game here in Oz.
Cheers mate and chat soon, Al.
Marty Thomas – Mozambique – 2013
A big first for Marty and for the Tuffhead. Marty sends us some great pictures and some even more exciting videos about his recent adventure in Mozambiqu