Small Game Trophies – Rabbits, Squirrels, Butterflies, etc.

These small game trophies took some good shooting to bring to bag. Often not wall mounts, and sometimes not much left for the stew pot, but shots to be proud of in any case. Send us yours… if you are good enough shot.

So, here is a great shot – 23 yards – stone dead.sundstone squirrel 12 14 sundstone arrow 12 14


Terry Sunstone December 2014

Joe,  this was the first chance I had to test your Tuffhead.  The one thing I can say is it flies true, 23 yards facing me in the head and out the ham.  Also half the shaft was buried in the dirt, had a hard time retrieving it.  Hopefully will be testing it on a deer soon but this year has been extra slow.  If not deer the Texas hogs in Feb will do.  -Terry