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TuffHeads are the broadhead of choice for knowledgable hunters seeking big game around the world. If you seek serious animals, you want a serious arrow setup… and the TuffHead has proven to fit the bill.

Thank you to our friends here who have provided pictures and stories of their success with a TuffHead. Send yours along and we’ll gladly post it.

davewyatbearDavid Wyatt –  2016 Black Bear

I use 225 grain TuffHeads, but not in the traditional sense. I shoot these heads out of a Hoyt compound. My arrows are about 640 grains total with a 22% FOC backed with an 80lb draw. The set up is killer. While elk hunting in early September, I had this young male bear walk right towards me. Originally planning on letting him pass if he went left or right of me, he instead walked right up to me. Not being the best planned shot of all time, I drew on him when he got within 15 yards of me. Still thinking he may run off, I held my draw for what seemed like minutes (was probably only 10 seconds). I decided after this it was time to let the arrow fly. And fly it did! It entered the bear, slicing it’s jugular, passing through his body and stopping along his rib cage, breaking 5 of them along the way. Needless to say, he didn’t go far. I have never, nor will I ever, shoot anything but TuffHeads regardless of the bow I shoot. The effect was devastating. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I’ve always hunted alone so this picture is the best I could do at the time. It was too hot out to mess around. Thanks a bunch for the heads.

Jim Hoker - 2016

Jim Hoker – 2016

 Jim Hoker -2016

Jim Hoker of Charleston Illinois shot this nice bear in Carrot River Saskatchewan Canada while hunting with Rock Ridge Outfitters

I killed this bear using a 225 grain Tuffhead from a ground blind . The bear was about 10 yards distance. Arrow was 30″ Maxi Red Carbon Express.
25% FOC  638 grains. Passed through bear & stuck in base of Birch tree, half length of Tuffhead.
Unscrewed arrow & will get a new broadhead next year. -Jim


dunn-catDennis Dunn- November 2015
Dennis shot this 200 lb, 7 1/2 foot cougar in central BC with a 225 gr TuffHead  after four days of hunting in 20 degree below and 16 inches of snow. Read his full story….


calebs bear 2015Caleb DeVille – 2015
The kid can shoot, we found a water hole the bears are coming to all the time.

This bear came to him at around 12 yards, he waited for him to take one more step and made a text book shot. The bear spun at the hit, making a loud growl and did not go 5 yards, was down in one second, right in front of him. He could not believe it did not go anywhere, he could hear the blood spraying out the hole in his chest right in front of him :-\ as the bear slipped away.

By the time we all got to him it was dark thirty, and the work began, we had to bone it out on the spot and back pack it out.

The lethality of a sharp broadhead can not be underestimated, he used a 2 blade Tuffhead, the only shot that could of put it down faster would be a brain or spine shot.

I lit a cigar and sipped on the crown, as the boys started to do the work, half way through I had to help, it’s too hard not to, but I try. I carried the head and paws, they took the rest, how good is that.

L to R, Caleb, Mike and David, Caleb and Mike have known each other since one year old, they are 27 now.

MikeDavenport Sp15 BlkBearMike Davenport – May 2015
I killed a nice dry sow in Quebec last week. The hunting was tough: weather and limited bear movement. I had only seen 1 bear in 3 days when this old girl gave me a shot. 10 yard shot complete pass through sticking 6 inches into the dirt out of my longbow at 57 pounds. I used your Meathead with a 100 grain steel adapter and a 50 grain brass insert. I was shooting 75-95 Carbons at 31 inches with total arrow weight 711 grains. The shot was perfect and she only went 40 yards.

Thanks for making a great broadhead. The wound channels and blood trails on the last 10 animals I have taken have been something to behold. I now have to build a mountain goat arrow, and you can bet the business end will have one of your Tuffheads!

Take care,
Mike Davenport


2014DavenportCoyoteTruck-double2014Davenportcoyote-carnage Mike Davenport – Sept 2014
Joe, hope you are doing well and getting to hunt some. I have been on a bit of a mission in regards to coyotes on my farm this October. I have some pretty graphic pics of the work done. Your broadheads worked flawlessly. Here are the stats:
4 dead coyotes by recurve:
1 pass through double lung, dead in 30 yards
1 spine shot and follow up shot through the heart, dead on spot
1 anterior chest shot though the chest plate and lodged in right hip, dead on spot
1 hip shot at 40 yards, dead on spot with a blood spray vapor trail like something out of a horror movie.

I am killing the crap out of ‘yotes but so far not a lot of deer movement. I have enough pelts for a hat, quiver and leggings. I am going to put my coyote hunting on hold until January. My wife is complaining about all the fur and no meat. Take care my friend! -Mike Davenport
Mike posts a great tale on about his yote success.


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