Trophy Hogs
With the very tough and fat thick shield protecting a hog’s vitals and their sometimes cranky disposition, the TuffHead double blade broadhead on a well tuned arrow makes a great choice for the trad archer as these fine stories and pictures prove. Send along your story when you get the chance.

ThomAndBoarJan2016 Thom Jorgensen Fall 2015

Well Joe, I finally got a shot at that big boar!

Your 225 grain Tuffhead was without a doubt the most important piece of tackle involved in this being a successful recovery. I took the 10 yard shot with my 64# longbow, and the 770 grain arrow hit perfectly. The blood trail was incredible and only 40 yards long. The shield on this hog was HUGE and THICK! I’m so glad I had a super sharp Tuffhead JB Welded onto my adapter!


AndrewPeterson 12 14 hog1Andrew Petersen – November 2014
Here’s a pic of an 80 pound sow that I shot November 21, 2014.

I shoot a Shakespeare Super Necedah, 60 lbs at my 28″ of draw, my arrows
weigh 750 grs, and travel at 150 fps.  They are tipped with the best
broadheads made:  Tuffhead 225 gr point.

The hog pictured below was shot at 25 yds and 30 minutes after sundown.
The arrow penetrated the left front leg, shattering the humerus right below the scapula, broke a near-side rib, clipped the heart and lung, broke a far-side  rib, and punctured the right front leg in the armpit area stopping against the  right humerus.  This sow ran no further than 10 yds after being hit.

I have seen 5 hogs lost by other hunters with whom I have hunted this  year.  Those men were shooting AndrewPeterson-12-14-hog3some other make of broadhead and their  AndrewPeterson-12-14-hog2performance did not get the job done.  I have shot three hogs with your broadheads this year and I have a 100% recovery rate.  (Being new to traditional archery the three hogs are the only animals at which I have taken shots..

Tuffhead… It brings home the bacon and is the only broadhead I will hunt with!!!
Andrew Peterson

Thom Jorgensen makin' bacon.

Thom Jorgensen makin’ bacon.

Thom Jorgensen – Dec 21014
Just wanted to say some thank you’s to the guys who’s gear supported my last adventure!  It’s not the giant boar that I was after but she’ll surely taste a whole lot better.

I shot this nice meat hog towards the end of a trophy boar hunt.  I was using a 300 grain TuffHead on a 230 grain custom stainless steel one piece adapter. The arrow was a footed Black Eagle Outlaw in 300 spine from Simply Traditional. The finished arrow weight was 860 grains at 37% FOC, and it was buried deep in a clay bank after passing through the animals ribs, lungs, and top of it’s heart. I had to wait almost 10 minutes to get one hog alone so my pass through wouldn’t wound another animal inadvertently. My longbow for this hunt was an 85# Northern Mist. The 300gr TuffHead comes through for me again.

brian tucker oct 14 hogBryan Tucker – Oct 2014 – Another Succesful Hog Kill with a TuffHead

200ish pounder with a meathead
Bob Lee Heavy Weight 71#s @ 27″s, 775 grain gold tip 300spine, 430 upfront. Pass-thru.


tucker-hog-9-14Bryan Tucker – September, 2014

Here’s a 250+ I got with one of your Meatheads. These are by far the the best penetrating heads I’ve used. Thanks. Bow is predator impact riser 63#s @ 27″s. Arrow is gold tip 75/95 camo wrap 10.2 gpi. 100 grain brass insert, 190 meathead with 100 grain screw in insert footed with 60mm of 2216

9 2014

9 2014

aluminium. Using afterburn lighted nocks and wraps with three four inch shield cuts. Total arrow weight 755 grains.hunting south Texas on buddy’s ranch.

9 2014 Tucker






deville-blackie-2014David DeVille back at it again – July 2014

Shot was about 15-18 yards, 63# hybrid longbow, 665grain arrow tipped with a tuffhead 225grain with 100grain steel insert. This hog and it’s later autopsy and pictures lead to a longer discussion on Tradgang.com and Stickbow.com’s Leatherwall discussion form.

We here at TuffHead are building out a new website… www.FOCArrows.com to help inform and educate all archers Trad and Modern, on the value of improved FOC. Toward that end as one of our first posts on FOCArrows.com,  we’ve included the entire discussion there as “Little Blackie Takes A Dirt Nap.”

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There will be a lot more effort in the near future on FOCArrows.com and we would appreciate your contributions. This new site is still a work in progress but check out Blackie’s full story for now.