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Frequently we get ideas and contributions from archery friends, TuffHead users, or elsewhere that we think you might enjoy. Here are a few more…

– Clay Hayes’ new film. Clay is a good friend with a production company “Twisted Stave” you will want to check out at Here is his latest work.

Hi Joe

Last November a few friends and I floated through the heart of the Frank Church Wilderness. The country itself will leave your breathless, both figuratively and literally, but we were there for the muleys. Our latest film, Ascent, is the story of that adventure. Check it out, pass it along, and don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know what you think.


Click here to see the film!         Ascent – Traditional Bowhunting Muleys with Clay Hayes

Plus a little trailer that did not make the final film on a recovery of the MeatHead arrow Clay used on his hunt…


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