Jack Skinner – A Do’-It-Your-Self er’s Tale

A “Do it Your Selfer’s” Tale

I have been into bow hunting over 30 years now. I did the compound thing for couple years then on to recurve, longbow, and now self bows. In my journey there are two folks in the archery community that stood out to me. One Jay Massey the other was Dr. Ashby. About the time I was getting into longbows is when I remember reading his article on broad heads. It made perfect sense to me and I remember buying my first half dozen grizzly 125 3:1 broad heads. Once used to sharpening the single bevel I was able to take a young fork horn with arrow going through and hanging out the opposite side. skinner1I was impressed and on my way to becoming a disciple. As I progressed into self bows and making my own equipment the good Doctor’s lessons were taken to a “do it yourself” level. I began cutting out my own trade point versions of the 3:1 single bevel head and upping broad head weight to 190 to 200 grains. Total arrow weight was kept above 550 grains. With my slow in the air missiles I needed the weight as the Doc suggested to help with my penetration I certainly wasn’t going to get penetration from speed.

I went from table saw blades to 02 tool steel making tough sharp penetrating heads.

Then studies from the good Doctor on FOC.  I was happy with my penetration but got all kinds of crap about my arrow flight and what not. Can this FOC stuff help my arrow flight as well as penetration, skinner3into the shop I go. I began to turn my own shafts from select boards. I first try drilling and placing weight in the shaft front.

This helps but leaves a weak point at the termination of the brass or lead that was glued into the shaft. My arrow flight improved dramatically with FOC but I was not satisfied with this method. So I began to build hardwood footed shafts and not only incredible flight from my arrows but beautiful as well. Yes FOC also help with penetration because we all know that the straighter the arrow flies to its target the bskinner2etter the penetration. Still I also added the constant taper to my shafts. It’s really not that difficult when building your own. As I sand the shaft down to my spine and clean up the tooling marks, all I have to do is leave a few inches at the point end alone and Walla tapered shaft.

Five and one half inch maxi fletch went to custom made 4 inch low profile banana. I may use primitive self-made equipment but that didn’t mean I shouldn’t do all I could to get the best penetration on my game. So from parallel cedar shafts tipped with 3 blade MA3’s to 3:1 cut on contact single bevel trade point tipped hardwood footed FOC constant taper 600 grain penetrating missiles.skinner4 Most of all I believe in my set up and its ability to put game on the ground even when things don’t go as planned.

Too far forward but broad head went through shoulder blade took both lungs almost passed through and lodged into off shoulder just under skin. Thank you Dr. Ashby

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