Ashby Article Contribution Winner

With much appreciation we received 5 articles on the topic of personal experiences incorporating Dr Ed’s studies in your quest for your best bow/arrow combination.

Great reading and insight into FOC effects, which will be helpful to anyone pursuing a better, more effective hunting arrow.ML-14-b

As we said, we were not sure exactly how to judge the articles, so all the names were put into “TuffHead” beanie hat and drew Jonathan House from the pile as the winner of Dr. Ed’s bow.

We will get his name to Dr Ed for that he can autograph and send the bow directly.

Jonathan, start exercising. You will be shape by next season to put this bow to good use.ashby-only

Thanks again to all of the contributors ( we will be sending all of you a gift certificate for your efforts ) and especially thanks to Dr. Ed for initiating this project.

Joe Furlong

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