Adapters, Inserts & Footers for Increased Arrow Integrity

As Dr. Ashby points outs, arrow integrity is the single most important aspect in maximizing penetration. We find that the weakest part of any finished arrow is the place where the point joins the shaft! Arrows are joined with adapters, inserts, and often covered externally with footers.

Stronger Adapters and Inserts
Using on of Vintage Archery’s one piece solid brass insert/adapters eliminates this obvious weak joint. The long, 5 degree tapered point end reinforces the core of the broadhead, while the built in insert end secures the broadhead directly into the shaft joining the broadhead to the shaft with a one piece connection and transfers impact energy farther down into the shafting. The Insert/Adatpters are available in many weights and diameters to allow fine tuning.

Archers shooting carbon or aluminum arrows most often utilize inexpensive, cold steel screw in adapters, in various weights for practice, but still find these bend easily when shots hit stones or stumps or hard hits on bone, even in deer sized animals. Vintage Archery  has developed screw in inserts in both heat treated stainlesDSC_4918s steel and extremely hard titanium steel to provide maximum resistance to failure at this critical junction. Available in weights from 75 grain to 200 grain, these screw in adapters allow easy tuning and maximum strength and resistance to bending on impact at the front end of your arrow.

For carbon or aluminum arrow archers, Vintage Archery also offers solid brass screw in replacement inserts in 50 and 100grain weights to replace and strengthen the commonly used and easily bent standard 10 grain aluminum inserts, while at the same time, increasing FOC by adding additional front end weight.

Archers who respect their quarry demand maximum performance under every circumstance. Even the off chance of poor penetration from a failure resulting from hard bone hit should be reduced. Vintage Archery supports the use of external footings to further reduce front end failure.DSC_4925

Footing your arrow involves adding an external layer to span the joining front end components of your arrow. A footer will cover and reinforce the shaft/insert overlap and transfer the impact shock further down the shaft, reducing bend and breakage where the point joins the arrow shaft.DSC_4934 Early hunters wrapped this union with sinew or string and glue. Vintage Archery offers The Arrafoot and BigFoot footing kits for easy installation. These various sized aluminum footers are easy to glue in to cover the critical from end unions.

Follow here for more information on selecting and sizing of Arrafoot and Bigfoot footing kits.