Weak Shaft Tuning

I just received my test kit and I would like to shoot the 300 grain tuffheads.

I have with a minimum of 75 grain steel insert. I bareshafted the  250 spine carbon express red with 375 in the head. The arrow is kicking nock towards my back. Any stiffer arrows you guys have had luck with? I’d rather not go with a lighter tip. I tried a 150 black eagle and that was way too stiff. Additionally I can’t cut the shaft any because the head hits my bow.
Thanks, Ben

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5 thoughts on “Weak Shaft Tuning

  1. Ben. . Not following…..are you shooting right handed?
    When facing target which way is arrow right or left .

    If you think the arrow is not stiff enough and have trimed it to the max you can GO to the 350.
    If you got the test kit with arrows the should have samples of 250 and 350
    If you did not get a max red 350 let me know

  2. I am left handed. It is kicking nock left with a 375 grain setup in the head (300 grain brass and 75 grain steel). I have some 300 grain tuffheads that is like to use. I had the same result with both the 250 and 350.

  3. It is a bear ausable. 45lbs @28. I’m shooting the shafts full length and pulling the head right to the shelf. Soak around 31 to 31.5 inch draw? I’m just curious if you have any other arrow recommendations. I’d like to shoot 375 up front.

  4. Ben… I am sure that are other arrows but the 350 is stiff.
    I wonder if you are getting false readings.
    Try switching out components and try to add more weight like an additional 50 to 100 grains up front and see if you see a big difference. Use 350 arrow..
    At you testing bear shaft

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