Tuning from Nock Right Impact

HI Joe,

I am experiencing an issue with tuning that I have never seen before. When I was shooting your field tips the arrow after tuned, flew straight. With the broadhead, the tip of the broadhead hits dead on where I am aiming. All the way back to 20yds. However, the arrow and nock are way right. Thinking the arrow was weak, I have cut it down to my draw length and can’t cut it anymore.

I was wondering if you have seen this before or might have some ideas. For thirty years I’ve been shooting broadheads and have never experienced this.

My rest is getting a little worn, could that cause this? I know this isn’t your problem but if you have some suggestions would appreciate it.

black swan 60″ 55lbs@28in. brace 8 1/2in. Nock dead center.
300          .2445″                  .300″                          9.1

I had the same problem with the maximum reds.


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2 thoughts on “Tuning from Nock Right Impact

  1. From your description I am not sue if it is just the broad heads giving problems after 29 yards or both Field points and broadheads.
    That are a lot of things you can try yet so do not despair.

    1. Try building out your plate with something that would be temporary. A piece of stick on Velcro or tape will work.
    2. Increase your brace height a half of inch.
    3 experiment wit knock height both up an down.

    Do only one thing at a time and see if you at getting results.
    It is not uncommon to have to readjust the things mentioned for better arrow flight.
    Keep me informed of your results.
    # 1 should tell you a lot about stiffness of arrow.


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