Seeking UEFOC with a 50-55# Bow

Are guys having luck with the Maxima Reds in lighter weight bows? I shoot 50#@27″ cut close to center. I like to shoot an arrow between 28.5 and 29.5″. I’d like to build some ufoc arrows between 550 and 600 grains. The reds in 250 spine should get me close with about 325 grains out front, including the footing.

Thanks,  Josh


If you are striving for UEFOC ( that is weight forward of at least 30% ) I have doubts it could be attained with just 340 grains out front. With your draw length and desired arrow length of  aproxmate 29 inches it will probably take 400 plus up front….If I were to guess probably about 450 grains.  I don’t think the max red 250 will be stiff enough

I am finding most that are shooting Max Reds at your draw length and bow weight are using the 350 successfully

To be sure you would have to experiment with both spines.

I shoot CX max red 350 out of a 54 lb. long bow at 29.inch arrow length with 500 grains up front . This arrow is 32 % UEFOC  and weighs 750 grains total. I mention this just as a comparison or reference.

As long as you are building a new arrow you should strive to attain an arrow that weighs in the vicinety of 650 grains  for bone breeching capability.

The weight of the arrow is more crucial then the % FOC… FOC is a advntage in soft tissue but has little to do with penetration if you were to hit a bone.That is not to minimize the importance of high FOC but t show it relationship to total arrow weight. The perfect arrow combines both properties.

Thanks for your interest in our products GOOD LUCK with your arrow design. If you have further questions feel free to write us.

Joe Furlong

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