Matching Point weight to Arrow Shaft


I wanted to try your broadheads after reading David Petersen’s book “Going Trad”

I am not quite sure what broadhead and adapter combo I need though.  I currently found a carbon express maxima hunter 450 arrow with 300 spine at 32 inches long.  I am shooting a 31 inch draw at about 66# (bow is 58# at 28″) reflex/deflex longbow. My arrow is running around 485grains.

What is the proper broadhead configuration?  I have the arrows spine-ing bare shaft nicely with standard insert and 125 gr field tip.    I have been unable to find a stiffer spine arrow than the 300 and am concerned about weakening the spine too much with front weight as I can’t shorten arrows  further.  The calculators look like I could handle the 225 gr tuffhead.  Does this screw onto the shaft or do I need an adapter??

I would want to having matching small game and field tips as well to stay consistent.

Please let me know the best combination of your products.  I am elk hunting by the way.

Thank You



You will need a adaptor in any of our broadheads….the lightest adaptor we offer is 75 grain…
We offer field points and small game blunts all in the same weight as the 225 tuffhead….they all take adaptors so the 75 grain adaptor will work for all ….if you would consider a different arrow you might look at the cx max red 350.  Probable would handle more weight up front and weighs about 9 grains per inch.



Clint the #2 is the footing you would need not the 5 for the 450 arrow.


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