Footings and Tuning a MeatHead to 70#Bowtech BTX

I am trying to build my arrows and tips using the High FOC school of thought taught by Ashby. I had some questions about products I should purchase that will work with my shafts. I will be shooting a 70lb Bowtech BTX with a 350 IBO. The arrows I have are Black Eagle Carnivore with a .250 spine. I want to shoot the 190 gr meathead broadhead with a 125 gr steel adapter and a 42 grain Black Eagle brass insert.

I would like to beef up my arrows strength and integrity by adding footings. I was hoping you could tell me which I need to purchase to fit these arrows. They have an outside diameter of .303. Doing some research, it sounds to me like I will need the Arrafoot #2. If this is the case, would you also recommend the BigFoot footing as well to complement them?

Not sure if you would know this or not, but in your experience, will a .250 spine be appropriate for such as set up. This is my first try at building this sort of high FOC setup so any advice or input would be much appreciated as trial and error can get expensive pretty quick. I will be primarily hunting elk.



Kris -thanks for your interest in TuffHead products.

The # 2 Arra foot is the correct kit for that arrow. I do not feel (opinion) the addition of the big foot is necessary .It will add 5 grains more up front.In other words it is optional but also used by many who want the added strength and security.

You will need a real stiff arrow with the 70 pound bow and the weight up front .I am not the familiar with the characteristics of the Black Eagle. You did not mention your draw length …hopefully there is enough arrow to shorten to attain stiffness.

You can adjust some weight by experimenting with the adaptor.

I suggest you don’t buy a lot of anything to go with that arrow until you are satisfied it will  will work. I suggest you buy a test field point kit and test adaptor kit and start there. Order the footings when you are sure of the arrow. You can compensate for the footings (25 grain) with a heavier field point. or adaptor ..or combinations of each.

The main thing to figure out is the total weight up front (regardless of combination) that your arrow will tolerate.You than can finalize the actual ,brodhead ,,adaptor, insert and footings you choose to use.

Follow the arrow tuning on our web site and you will work it out………..Good Luck and have fun!


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