Broadheads for a 65#Longbow for Deer and Elk

I would like to try your broadheads on an efoc arrow setup and am wondering about your recommendation.

I am shooting a 65lb longbow. I hunt mule deer and elk in Utah, and would love to go on a moose hunt. Can you recommend one of your arrow shafts, broadheads, inserts, etc.


Cade ,

I think that a 65 lb bow will require a stiff arrow to support a heavy broad head. The arrow set up I would recommend will have a total weight of around  750 grains.  With a foc of 30 % plus.

Starting a new I would recommend the carbon express max red 250 .They are easily attainable at most archery shops and can also be purchased on our web site. They are  easily tuned for high FOC .About 9 grains per inch

I would recommend the Tuffhead 300 grain and a 75 grain titanium adaptor or ss adaptor .

The arrow insert should be a 100 grain brass 5/16.

I would use a # 2 Arra Foot footing for strength and weight .

For feathers I would use a small feather to keep the rear weight  down .I would not use any Knock collars as this just adds unneeded weight in rear of the arrow.

Follow the tuning process on our web site and you will end up with a great arrow ,

This is about the same arrow David Peterson uses and mentions in his books for hunting elk


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