225 TuffHead with Victory VAP

I am currently looking for a new single bevel broadhead and the 225gr Tuffhead caught my attention.  It looks like a great design, with phenomenal mechanical advantage, but having never seen one in person I have a few questions.  First it appears that your broadheads are glue in or else require an adapter.  Are they available with standard threads or do I need to purchase one of the adapters separately? Second, if I do require an adapter which one would you recommend for use with the Victory Vap? The reason I ask is that the Vap does not use a typical insert.  The model I am using is a 92gr In/Outsert which allows the small diameter shaft to taper up to a standard diameter.  Depending on the adapter design I could see some potential issues….

Thanks for the assistance and I look forward to hearing from you,

Robert H.

Trophy Hunter’s Supply LLC

Seymour, WI


Thanks for your interest  in  TuffHead products.

Yes you would need a screw on adaptor  as offered on our web site in various weights.The threads are standard 8-32 treads per inch that are compatible with your insert/outsert.

There will be no problem matching up with the broadhead  and the insert/outsert as the inside diameter of the broadhead is 23/64 .the insert/ your
Outsert OD is 11/32….

Robert, my friend, uses the same basic arrow …..he recently sent me a picture showing there is no problem with the i/o match up to the broadhead.  In his picture, I noticed the insert portion of the i/o is bent in a portion of the picture showing a possible weak points in the i/o if used on heavy arrows….just a additional peace of information…….he has since gone to using a outsert only system on the same arrow to eliminate the weak spot. You may never have a problem.

Joe F.

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