New Arrow on 55# Bow

I am a brand new hunter looking to get into hunting elk in the backcountry. I have decided to shoot a traditional bow (recurve). I came across Dr. Ashby’s articles regarding FOC, and I’m willing to jump in head first.

Clearly, I’m a complete novice, so I have a few questions. I’m open to your suggestions.

My bow is 55lbs and I draw at 29″.

Trying to keep my gpi low, I’m planning on shooting Victory RIP XV arrows. I plan on ordering a few shafts to bare tune with. Any suggests on the shaft size? Even a few sizes that will get me in the ball park will be helpful as I am completely new to this.

I’m planning on shooting the Tuffhead Meathead broad heads at 190gr. I was going to add a 50gr brass insert and 100gr steel adapter (all from vintage archery). This would place my weight at around 340gr. Do you suggest going to a higher weight in either the insert or adaptor?

Also I’d like to use the double footing system. Which “number” sleeves will fit the Victory RIP XV? These are .204.

If you think there are any other arrows I should be looking at, feel free to make suggestions. I’m starting from scratch, so I’m willing to pay the money to get it right the first time.

Thank you!

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One thought on “New Arrow on 55# Bow

  1. Thanks for your interest in our products.The arrow that you you wish to use is a nice arrow but so skinny that we do not have a replacement insert for it . It is designed for a light set up.
    They use a insert/outsert system because the inside diameter is so small. We do not offer any footings that will work on that arrow either.

    I would rather see you move to a heavier arrow so it would be possible for you to attain a arrow of 650 grain total weight to get to the bone breeching threshold as Dr .Ashby recommends.

    The bow weight that you have chosen will definatly support a heavier set up. I personally shoot a 55 lb. longbow at the same weight but a 28” draw. I shoot a 760 grain total weight arrow and shoot to 30 yds. without any noticeable loss of trajectory.

    If you wish to proceed with that arrow I would try try experimenting with the 400 spine as a starting point.

    If I can help with further questions please fell free to email me.

    Joe Furlong

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