Arrow flight during the bareshaft tuning

My question is in regards to arrow flight during the bareshaft tuning process. I have been experimenting with a new bow and have noticed that although my arrows impact correctly and where I aim at 20 yards, the arrow tail seems to whip left in a sweeping motion during flight and somehow corrects itself before impact. You mention something about this briefly in your EFOC and UEFOC Article and that it is your eyes playing tricks but you don’t really elaborate. Is this an indication of weak spine or is this normal? The main reason this is a concern is because at closer range my arrow does show weak spine and is not really going where I am looking. From past experience the opposite has always been true. The further away from the target I get the more I can see weakness in the spine from how the arrows impact. Kind of confused here and I have tuned arrows quite easily before, any thoughts?





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One thought on “Arrow flight during the bareshaft tuning

  1. Matthew,

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    If I were to guess what you are seeing is the arrow going through paradox. While the arrow is hitting where you want at a greater distance it is taking to much time to straighten out thus at shorter distance it is off. It sounds like from you description it is a weak spine.

    You could raise the brace height of the bow about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. This is a easy thing to do and may tell you if the arrow is slightly weak. . The other option is to reduce the weight up front temporarily thus stiffening the arrow spine.If you still do not see any results add more weight up front it is possible the arrow is too stiff. Experiment ..Experiment.

    “Assuming” the arrow is weak the last step would be to take one arrow and start the tuning process again by shorting only 1/8 inch at a time.

    Wish I had a quick answer for . Experimenting will give you the answer.

    Please let me know what your results were and how you attained them .It helps me with the learning process and may help others.

    Good Luck

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