Adding a Footing Question

Hi I would like to add footing to my arrow for two reasons . Increase spine and strengthen weak area on shaft.  I was just wandering does the footing need to be overhanging end of arrow rest or can the shaft be drawn over and on to shelf of arrow rest . If so when I release how will the step on the arrow affect flight. It should change my nocking point if footing is resting on shelf .


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One thought on “Adding a Footing Question

  1. Theo,
    The question you ask is a good one. The footing can be drawn across the shelf. This should not present any problem as the footing is chamfered In some circumstances the arrow is long enough and the footing never contacts the shelf. Either way works. I know of no instances that footings were the cause of poor arrow flight.

    Thanks for your interest in our products.

    Joe Furlong

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