Water Buffalo FMJ shafts and Tuffheads

What are your thoughts on the Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game arrow and the HIT attachment system. I switched from Grizzly Stiks recently, which I like,  but the accuracy I am getting from FMJs is impressive, but I’m sure you know Alaska Bowhunting is showing a failed FMJ shaft which is concerning.
I am planning on going on a water buffalo hunt in Argentina in April, and plan on using 225 gr Tuffheads on FMJ DG shafts.
I am currently practicing with 200 field points with 75 inserts…
How does the Tuffheads diameter work with the smaller diameter FMJ?

Lots of questions, and again I value your unbiased opinion!

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One thought on “Water Buffalo FMJ shafts and Tuffheads

  1. Tim,
    You are very gracious with your compliment. I can only give you a opinion on your question. I do not have a definitive answer as I have not had any actual experience with the FMJ.

    I am going to look at your arrow from a different perspective. The FMJ is a heavy arrow and heavy is what you want but maybe not all in the shaft. You have not given any details of your bow type and weight or the actual arrow weight and FOC you are striving for.You mention that you will be using the TH 225 which indicated to me your arrow is not front loaded.

    While the TH 225 has been used successfully on water buffalo it would not be my first choice , I would start with the TH 300 and use titaninum grade 5 ,75 grain adaptors. One thing I do not like is the aluminum HIT system for the FMJ. .

    I would glad glad to visit more with you about any potential arrow but would like more details about you bow and you thoughts on the arrow design.

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