70# Compound and FOC Arrows

I used to hunt with a recurve but do to time constraints. I have switched back to my compound. Do you have any information on adding weight to compound arrows and flight patterns. Can I use the same principle I used with my recurve with my compound.

I have been shooting at 70 pounds Mathews switchback. With 29 inch carbon 350 grain and 100 grain tip. Having problems with penetration can I pump up the weight and how should the weight be dispersed. I was accustom to being heavy weighted forward.

Thanks Greg

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One thought on “70# Compound and FOC Arrows

  1. Greg..lots of compound shooters shoot high FOC arrows…you would be extremely lucky if you existing recurve arrow will work…
    You need a arrow that is stiff and less than 10 grains per inch. If I were going to recommend and you were going to start over, the Carbon Express Max Red 350 would be a good start. You can get them at most archery shops. Just get a couple of whatever arrow you try to make sure it will work with your bow and shooting style. We offer them if you can’t find localy..we sell them individually, some shops wont.YOU WILL NEED 100 GRAIN INSERTS.
    Purchase a field tip test lit and an adaptor test kit and start with the heaviest weight combo with full length arrows …..follow the arrow tuning guide on TuffHead,com
    Once you get a combo that works, you can outfit yourself with the broadheads head and adaptors to match.
    Good luck ..check back if you have questions

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