Building an Effective FOC Arrow

I am new to traditional archery, and as you can imagine, I am clueless! The Ashby studies have me set on achieving the most FOC possible. I am shooting a 50# bear Montana with a 29.5 inch draw. I have a dozen Easton aftermath 400’s full length. I would like an overall setup of 650 grains to reach the heavy bone threshold while maintaining decent trajectory. I planned to order the meatheads and 125 grain broadhead adapters. That combination with 75 grain brass inserts will give me 390 grains up front.
With that said I have a few questions…
1. Does this sound reasonable for my setup?
2. Will my arrow spine be stiff enough?
3. Will the Easton aftermath arrows fit inside the broadhead to cover the weak point where the arrow meets insert?
4. Any recommendations on what I should do differently

Thanks for your time,


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One thought on “Building an Effective FOC Arrow

  1. Eli,

    You are on the right track by reading Dr Ed studies.

    The 650 grain arrow weight or heavier is the correct goal. It is impossible for me tell you if the arrows you selected will be stiff enough for the set up you would like to use. There are to many variables such as the bow used and release, etc.The bear Montana is a good bow but like all bows there are inconsistencies in the manufacturing process which makes them vary.

    I suggest you purchase a test kit of field points and adaptors and then experiment following the arrow tuning procedure out lined on our web site. This will shed more light on arrow performance than anything. It will be the most economical and sure method to test your bow and arrow set up. If you determine the arrows you have will work with the desired weight up front you can determine the accessories you want to use.

    Generally we recommend you choose the broadhead and desired FOC first and build the arrow around it by experimenting with a few arrows of different spine. You already have arrows and will have to work slightly backwards . That is durable so don’t get discouraged. All set ups take experimentation their is no magic pill.

    Welcome to the world of FOC and heavy arrows.

    Joe Furlong

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