What about a Lighter Stronger Adapter-Insert?

Your 11/32 Glue on adapter and insert combo” ïs a brass adapter? Is there a way to get this type glue on adapter and insert combo in a stronger metal like your stainless steel or titanium metals?

The challenge for some of us trying to keep a longer trajectory is in order to use the 225 tuffhead with our carbon shafts we also have to add an extra 75 grains for an adapter which really extends our finished arrow weight. It would be ideal to have one solid piece linking broadhead to shaft but brass is too soft and the stainless steel and titanium metals are the only option when hunting big game.

Let me know your thoughts,

Thanks, Wes

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One thought on “What about a Lighter Stronger Adapter-Insert?

  1. Wes thanks for your interest in our products.

    You bring up a subject that I have been considering The insert adaptor has advantages by eliminating one joint in the arrow set up.
    Yes the current insert/adaptor is brass. While using stainless would add strength to the adaptor it would do nothing to reduce weight. I have considered titanium but really wonder if the market can support them. The cost in grade 5 selling price would be 6 times the cost of brass.

    Most big game hunters, including deer hunters ,we talk to are moving towards high FOC arrows and arrows of total weight of 650 grains plus. Most want a heavy insert and adaptor.
    With a good EFOC arrow distances of 30 yards are certainly attainable with out much loss in trajectory. Beyond 30 yards depending on bow weight and arrow weight the arrow starts to loose steam.

    Wes thanks, I hope that I answered you question.

    Keep checking back to our web site ,one day you might just see the titanium insert /adaptor. this business is constantly changing and adding products.

    Joe F.

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