VAP shafts @ 70# setup

> Hi,
> I’m using VAP shafts with inside diameter of 0.166″, and I would like to use tuffhead broadhead with combined tip weight of around 300 grains. Which parts should I purchase?
> And what spine should I use? I’m pulling 70#, arrow length 28.5″.

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2 thoughts on “VAP shafts @ 70# setup

  1. There are no shortcuts in determining a proper arrow for your bow
    1 Purchase test arrows
    2 purchase assortment of field tips and screw in adaptors (all amiable on site)
    3 Use test kits on present arrow or test arrow to determine good flight
    4 follow tuning the FOC arrow

    Harry ,thanks for your interest in our products….good luck in arrow selection….sorry there is no easy solution

  2. Harry as far as I know there is no after market insert for the victory you describe that is why the use a inside out side arrangement.
    If you want 350 grains up front use the TH. 225 and a 125 screw in adaptor. I have no glue on combo for the small inside diameter.

    It is impossible to determine what spine you should use for your arrow there are to many variables .. the only way one can determine the spine is buy individual arrows in different spines and experiment following the procedures outline i tuning the FOC arrow on my website.
    Once you find the correct arrow than you can get a supply.
    If you already determined you only want 300 grains up front we would have to know the weight of the insert/outsert you chose Victory has different weights to choose from.

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