Brass or Aluminum Inserts?

I have a question about which insert to use in my current “Ashby arrow build” project. I have a dozen Gold Tip Kinetic XT 200 shafts (.204” ID and .281” OD) that I’m leaving at their 30” length. These come with Gold Tip Accu-Tough aluminum inserts that appear to be pretty good from info I’ve gleaned from multiple web forum searches and are what I currently have installed. I also footed these shafts with 2” of Easton Eclipse X7 2014 shafting, starting at the face of the Accu-Tough insert so they extend significantly past the end of the insert inside. Although I’d like to use your Tuffhead 225-grain, I’m reusing some Grizzly Kodiak 170-grain 2-blade single bevel broadheads (for economic reasons for now) and have planned to use 100-grain steel screw-on adapters, gluing the broadhead and adapters together with Bohning Ferr-L-Tite. I’m also using a trio of 3” Gateway shield cut feathers and Gold Tip Accu-Tough nock on the rear. With this configuration the total weight is 684-grains and produces almost 24% FOC and they shoot amazingly nice. These aren’t my first foray into heavy/high FOC arrows, as I’ve read and followed his advice for a few years now, but they are my best so far.


So, with having upped my arrow weight and FOC from previous builds I have been reading some archers’/hunters’ comments online that using a 1-piece brass glue-on adapter/insert combo (your Glue on Adapter and Insert Combo for 9/32″ carbon shafts) may be stronger than arrows built with steel adapters and aluminum inserts, especially when shooting this weight and heavier arrows into hard bone objects. These people assert the brass adapter/insert is likely to bend or break as compared to the steel adapter/aluminum insert setup, all other things being equal. I can see their point but the fact I have 2” of 2014 footing added to my arrows makes me wonder if my current setup would be just as strong as the brass insert/adapter combo. So my main question is do you have any thoughts or experience you can pass on to me as to which would actually be a stronger setup? Also, just to brief you on my hunting, I live in Colorado and hunt mostly elk, bear and mule deer but have hopes of someday getting to hunt moose and my dream hunt would be an Alaskan brown bear archery hunt. So I’m building these arrows for all these possibilities.

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One thought on “Brass or Aluminum Inserts?

  1. Steve , All my experiences with Aluminum Inserts have been negative. That being said given the right circumstances most combinations have draw backs and failures

    Our brass insert/adaptors have a good track record however we have had reported bends with EUFOC and heavy arrows none I know of with footings. People report bends with all brands steel adaptors and brass inserts and one piece broadheads with built in screw post. These post bend and snap so nothing is fool proof . The most positive action you can take like you mention is to make use of footings. You may want to consider our hardened Stainless Steel inserts our hardest insert made from titanium.

    Expect potential failure in any set up and build accordingly!

    Good Luck


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