Can’t make arrows show weak?

I can’t make any arrows show weak spine?
I’ve read the article on bare shaft tuning, and I’m stumped. I have a bow that is confounding everything in the article. I have a horse bow, 50lbs @ 31 inches no shelf and 1/2 inch from center, I draw 31.5 inches and use a thumb ring release. (just like the mongols did lol) I was going to use your 300 head with insert (100 or 125), but I could never get the damn thing to shoot weak. As a matter of fact, I put head/insert combo’s on the arrow I was using, ranging from 425 gr. to 300 to 225 to 160 to 125. Every weight of head hits right down the middle, bare or feathered. Stu Miller’s spine calculator, which has been right on with my other bows, says it should have been weak at 400 grains + – . I’m at a loss as to what is going on. I guess I ought to be happy, because I can use any head I want, and the arrows fly great and right down the middle. LOL

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  1. Joe,

    I got an explanation from a guy that builds horsebows. He says that my bow, Kaya KTB, is very efficient. The manufacturer recommends very stiff carbon arrows, and the carbon arrows that they manufacture in Korea are stiffer than most made in the U.S. He says, if it is built right, like his bows(Spitfire Horsebows), and the one I have, you don’t need to worry about arrow spine. For his bows, he says get the stiffest arrow you can get, put a head on it and go shoot. I’m still laughing about this, because this bow is making tuning very easy. I guess I’ll just put the head of my choosing on it, and go shoot!!! LOL

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