Trouble with Nock High


You seem like you are the EFOC arrow experts. I was hoping you could help me out. I am having trouble tuning my new arrows. I am shooting an 29″ easton axis 400’s with 370 grains up front (broadhead + adapter + insert) with 28% FOC, 650grain total. I have a 17″ ilf wood riser with short hoyt carbon limbs pulling 55#@28″.

Here is my problem. I keep getting a high nock kick. I’ve tried moving the nock height up and down from level to 1″ high in very small increments. The 400 spine seems like it would be weak but I am not getting any side to side kick and my riser is not cut past center. I started shooting though paper and I’m only getting nock high tears. Yes, I know paper tuning is a ballpark estimate at best. Am I missing something? Any suggestions? Like brace height or tiller issues?


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  1. Stephen,

    Thanks for the compliment but there are no real FOC experts… just some more experienced experimenters .

    Their are a few things I can suggest for you to try if you already have not .

    Place a definite arrow rest on your shelf. That can be done by temporarily placing a match stick or something similar to raise the arrow off the existing shelf. Place this pivot point on the shelf directly under the deepest part of the handle. In other words you will have a small raised surface for your arrow to ride on directly above your hand contact with the riser grip. Experiment shooting if the results are still not good again experiment with nocking points up and down using the elevated rest. If that works you can place the elevated rest permanently under the shelf material.

    You can adjust your brace height up and down also .Generally brace height effects right and left movement but may also effect up and down deflection of the arrow when combined with other variables.

    It is easier to experiment with variables on the bow than it is with the arrow and in most cases a lot cheaper. However if you feel you have done all the obvious things you can try vary the arrow spine . Try adding more weight to the tip first. It is one of the easiest things to do and nock high can indicate a stiff arrow. Conversely you can reduce front weight or add weight to the rear of the arrow to reduce spine. A small wood plug or a piece of rope pushed in to the back below the knock will accomplish this.

    It is not uncommon to get false spine readings when tuning . By experimenting with adding or reducing weight you should be able to determine if the present arrow is under/over spine. If nothing seems to work purchase a test kit of arrows and start in again experimenting.

    While frustrating all arrow problems can be solved. I am assuming your testing has all been with a bare shaft. From your description you are close to having a tuned arrow. ( not knowing how much you are off on nock high) try shooting with feathers and see if that corrects the problem.

    Good luck. Sound like you are already having fun.

    Joe Furlong

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