60 lb Compound and Heavy Arrow Setup

Hi !

… I’m just getting into archery and planning to get a fast compound bow with 60# pull, and want to shoot heavy 600 -1000gr arrows


I like your site, and the look of your broadheads… I do not want to make my own arrows… can you advise on where I could get some arrows made up for various weights etc. using your broadheads, that would take into account the spine needed for my setup. After experimenting with different weights i could likely decide which I liked best in terms of shooting trajectory etc. then order a bunch

Also, what sort of arrow rest, would you recommend I get… I understand wiskerbiskets and certain other fall away designs are not good for the 1000gr arrow class


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2 thoughts on “60 lb Compound and Heavy Arrow Setup

  1. Rod
    Congratulation on your decision to get into archery.
    If you are going to purchase your bow from a local archery shop perhaps they can help you with your arrow. There are many variables in arrow section…. Draw length, bow draw weight, configuration of your rest, and method of release just to mention a few.
    To properly tune a arrow for any bow , traditional or mechanical, certain procedures have to be followed. These procedures are lined out in detail, on our web site in the article by Troy Breeding
    A lot of new archers are reluctant to make adjustments to their bow and arrow but by doing it their self one learns more about their equipment and chosen sport. ….unfortunately unless you have someone local that will work with you that is the only alternative to a proper tuned arrow.
    When purchasing a bow the seller or manufacture should have suggestions for a starter arrow spine. Purchase a arrow test kit or arrows weaker and stronger in spine than the suggested arrow spine. Purchase several field point weights so you can experiment. The best procedure is to decide what broad heads you wish to shoot , how heavy an arrow you desire and the amount of FOC. Once the parameters are established everything else will fall in place.
    Hope this answers your questions. Good luck with your new bow.
    Thanks for your interest in our broadheads..

  2. I set my Hoyt Factor34 / 60 lbs with a CE Hunter 350, full length for my 31inch draw, 75gr TuffAdapter, 190gr Meathead, for a 24.16 FOC thru a whiskerbisket. Flies like a dart but can not use a sight pin beyond 30 yds. Not a problem as I will never shoot even that far in my woods. Be prepared for raised eyebrows among other compound shooters with the high front end weight EFOC setups if they are whitetail hunters.

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