Determining Your Best Arrow/Bow Setup

Hello my name is JG . I’m wanting to get some Tuffheads in 225 grain with the Brass 75 grain glue on adaptors and I also want to foot my arrows . My arrows are  Easton Traditional 400 series shafts  5/16 “  . Would this be the best set up ?    One question I have is the footing going to be able to seat against the back of the adapter ?   Any suggestions please feel free to let me know . My current bow is a Dalaa Recurve 60” @ 50 lbs. @ 28”  with a 26 “ draw length .   These broadheads look like they really mean business . Thank You for your help .

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One thought on “Determining Your Best Arrow/Bow Setup

  1. Joe,

    I think you should determine what your goals are in building the arrow.

    If your goal is an EFOC arrow and a arrow that will meet or exceed the bone penetrating threshold of 650 grains you will have to gane more total arrow weight . The best place for that weight is up front.

    Your Easton shaft according to the chart weighs approximately 9.8 grains per inch.

    The arrow you describe will weigh (estimated length) 28″ x 10 grains / inch (rounded ) =280 grains . Add 225 TH plus 75 grain adaptor and about 25 grains of footing your total arrow weight will be 605 grains.

    If this weight is your goal then the arrow and components will work well. If you desire to add more weight you might replace the 75 grain adaptor / insert combo with a 50 grain arrow insert and a 75 grain screw in adaptor. this would bring your arrow into the bone breeching threshold. Assuming your arrow spine will handle the added weight up front.

    The footing if used with the insert/ adaptor will cover or go beyond the end of the arrow if desired. It can be extended in to the ferrule of the broad head making a strong joint

    No matter what you are on the right track. Good Luck! Thanks for your interest in the TuffHead broadhead

    Joe Furlong

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