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I’ve been watching and following the advice of Dr. Ashby on building and tuning high and ultra high FOC arrows. One of the difficulties for me is that I have a long draw length (30.5″) that prevents me from doing much shaft cutting to stiffen spine so I’m really left with testing various spined arrows with different tip weights (not the best way to tune according to Ashby). I shoot a 64″ 45lb Bear Patriot (at full draw measures 49lbs) and have experimented with Goldtip 7595’s, 5575’s and 3555’s. I’ve found the 5575’s with 250-300 grain tips gives good performance. My boadheads have ended up weighing 263-278 grains. I would like tune my arrows even more.  The length of the uncut Goldtip seems to fit my draw length well but am wondering if there are longer carbon arrows (32-34″) in this 400 spine range out there or arrows manufactured with spines that fall between 400 and 500 range, say a 420, 450, 475 spine. Interested to know what you have to say.


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  1. Mitchell,
    I searched my catalogs and found nothing to meet your needs. i assumed you searched the internet so I did not.

    I might suggest that you stiffen the spine in different ways.

    1. Add more weight to the rear …Larger feathers. not crazy about it but it does work. internal footing or plug for weight in rear of arrow or heavier nocks. 1 grain in rear will add or subtract about 5 to 7 grains in front depending on if you are adding or taking off weight on rear. Less weight in front stiffens spine.

    2. Stiffen the arrow with a internal footing. Ed Ashby describe a method using a wooden dowel. it would take some experimenting but i take it you like to experiment. If the footing is to short it will increase FOC and weaken the spine. Footing should be at least 6 inches (my opinion) to stiffen arrow, this will increase total arrow weight and maybe increase the FOC , It takes a lot of playing to get the sweet spot
    Sorry I can not give you a simple answer.

    3 Go to a stiffer arrow and build out the plate on the bow.


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