Hunt Ready?

Do the Tuffheads come ready to hunt razor sharp?
What method to you recommend using to sharpen them? I see you sell KME
Stephen C.

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One thought on “Hunt Ready?

  1. Stephen
    When the broadheads leave our facility they are razor sharp and could be used for hunting out of the package. We take a lot of precautions to keep them that way during shipping like glue dots to keep them secure in the package.

    You have to be the judge if they are sharp enough for you…Not trying to be evasive.. I personally would strop them but I would do that every time I go out to hunt. I will say this, you will not find any sharper broad head from the factory.

    Unless the blade would be damaged during hunting stropping is the preferred maintenance procedure.

    After hard use if the blade needs more than stropping the Kme. Knife sharper or broad head sharper work well and are what we recommend.

    Stephen thanks for you interest in our broadheads.
    Joe Furlong

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