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I’m new to hunting so I don’t know a great deal yet, I’ve watched all of the Dr Ashby video’s on broadheads and arrows which was fascinating.
I’ve only been hunting once so far and that was for goats. I will definitely be going again, possibly for pigs as well.

I would like some advice on what i need for a good setup, what i would like is to use the same arrows for practice as i do hunting, so they will need to be screw-ins

My bow is a 60lb Mathews Monster 6, 2010.
At the moment I’m using Easton ST Excel 340’s with 125g points.

If I was to get the 225g Tuffhead… what else do i need? Do I also buy the screw in broadhead adaptors, should i get 75g ones?

Also can you explain to me what the Sapcut arrow footings are for, do I need them?

Will my Easton ST Excel 340’s be stiff enough to push that much weight or will i just need to buy stiffer arrows, something like the Easton ST Excel 300?

Any help would be appreciated.


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2 thoughts on “Basic Setup

  1. Scott thanks for your interest in Tuffhead. In order to use a glue on style broad head with carbon arrows you will need adapters. We offer several styles and weights. The most commonly type used is the screw on style. The adapter is glued to the broad head that screwed on to the arrow. We also offer a glue on style that has the arrow insert as part of the adapter.
    The Sapcut footings are a option if going after big game to strengthen the end of the arrow,they also work great if you do a lot of stump shooting. You probably do not need them to get started.
    It is impossible to recommend a specific arrow as some bows shoot harder than others, release is different etc. It takes experimentation.
    Good luck in your newly found sport.
    I would recommend buying the 225 field tips and experiment with them before investing in the broad heads.

    Joe Furlong

  2. I agree with Joe. Try the 225 field points and the 75 gr insert. You will have to adjust your sights just a bit and possibly step up one notch to a stiffer shaft to compensate for the heavier front end, but many new carbon shafts are forgiving enough to handle the extra weight. The heavier FOC will definitely increase your arrow’s effectiveness.

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