Ultra-EFOC, High MA Arrow To Shoot Out Of My Crossbow

Having recently finished reading Dr. Ed Ashby’s reports.  I realize most who read his reports are vertical bow users, but I use a crossbow and I want to build a heavy, ultra-EFOC, high MA arrow to shoot out of my crossbow.  To get to a 650 grain arrow with 30% or higher FOC I need a screw in broadhead with a total weight of at least 325 grains.  Also my arrow shafts have an 11/32″ diameter and I want to ensure that the broadhead ferrule is slightly wider (at least 5%) when screwed in to the arrow shaft.  It looks like your 225 grain Tuffhead with a 100 grain screw in adapter would work, but I wanted your opinion?

Also if this would fit the bill, do you offer your broadheads with the screw in adapter already installed?  If not is it difficult to get correct alignment of your broadheads when using screw in adapters?

Any other information you would like to share about your broadheads and possible recommendations for my situation would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Seth P

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One thought on “Ultra-EFOC, High MA Arrow To Shoot Out Of My Crossbow

  1. Seth,

    Thanks for your interest in our products.

    The 11/32 arrow will fit down inside the ferrule of the TuffHead with no problem. The ferrule has a inside diameter of .359375 the 11/32 out side diameter is .34375….I have used Alaskan Bowhunter Arrows which are 11/32 and they work well. Looking at our web site the automated demonstration of the arrow being screwed into the ferrule is a 11/32 arrow.

    The 225 TH and a 100 grain adaptor will fit your requirements.

    At this time we do not offer broadheads with attached adaptors. The idea of the glue in adaptor is so the weight of the broadhead can be varied for FOC tuning.

    Welcome to the world of high FOC. No matter what style bow you use the principals are the same.

    Seth good luck with your arrow and have fun!

    Joe Furlong

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