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The TuffHead™  is making its mark on trophy game animals all over the world. Our friends have been gratious in sending these pictures and stories of their adventures and successes for us to show you.

If you have enjoyed a hunt or trip somewhere, send us your pictures and stories of your hunts with TuffHead™ broadheads… We’ll post them on these pages… Meanwhile, Check out their stories…

Using MeatHeads instead?… send us those stories too!. We’ll post them also and send you a hat.


 North American Hunts and Trophy Details and more Pix…
Whitetails & Mule Deer
North American Carnivores – Bear, Wolves, Coyotes & Cats
Elk, Moose, Caribou & etc


Around the World Tuffhead Stories and pictures africa125 – Africa, Australia, and others…australia125




Check out this part of Twisted Stave’s Video from a high country hunt where our MeatHead did the job…