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Footings - Sapcut's "Bigfoot" Double Footing


The BigFoot Double Footing Collar includes three shorter double footing collars weighing 10+/- grains each and also three nock collars weighing 5+/- grains each. The Bigfoot Double Footer should be used with the appropriate ArraFoot footer above to create a Double Footing as shown in the picture for adding maximum strength to the front of your arrow shaft. Colors may vary depending on availability.

There are four sizes of BigFoot kits that will fit the ArraFoot Single Footing with the same number.

Size #1

Size #2

NEW Size #3

NEW Size #4

Use the BIGFOOT to cover the areas unsupported when using certain adapters on 9/32 shafts.

Most adapters are covered by the single footer. Add the BigFoot for maximum strength

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 May, 2013.

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