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Kanati Quiver


The Kanati quiver has a deep hood that allows the TuffHead and MeatHead to be placed into the foam insert so the full length of the broadhead is covered. This eliminates the chance that the archer can be cut by exposed cutting edges.

The quiver is a compact, 4 arrow bow quiver. Two piece design,

It can be removed easily without unstring your bow.

Mounts on laminated recurves and longbows.

Uses a unique and secure rubber strap “Kanati Kant Kreep” mounting system.

Quiver is designed to set back from handle toward center of bow to better balance quiver weight and keep arrows behind bow handle

High quality leather construction with classic hand stitching. All parts precision cut by stamp dies, hydro cutters and hand assembled with the utmost care. Metal hood insert protects hood from accidental broadhead penetration.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 05 February, 2013.

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