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225 Grain TuffHead Broadhead 3-pack


225 grain* weight Tuffhead Broadheads 3pack

Whether you are hunting whitetail deer, moose, elk, antelope, bear, bison, or hogs in the forests and mountains of North America, to the largest game found on the plains of Africa, the TuffHead™ will be the only broadhead you will ever need.

You can hunt with confidence, knowing that The TuffHead™ will fly true, and perform flawlessly. We guarantee it! We are proud of the TuffHead™ and we are proud to say it is manufactured in the USA... the home of some of the best craftsmen in the world.

Our broadheads are designed to eliminate bending ,curling and breakage. The TuffHead and MeatHead design , workmanship , exceptional material and quality control are all part of the equation that makes our broadheads strong and tough .

The TuffHead 225 broadhead can be increased in weight by using the “Tuff Extended Adaptor” The 225 grain point can be matched with our Tuff Extended adapters to make a 375, 400 or 425 grain screw on style point. Adaptors not included. Purchase adaptors separately.

We are so confident and proud of our products we offer a lifetime warrantee for these broadheads
Our lifetime warranty is unconditional and covers against bending and breakage that occurs under normal hunting conditions. If there is a problem of any kind with a broadhead please contact us.

(Shooting into concrete, steel, stone and other materials by the purchaser, either accidentally or intentionally to test the strength of the broadhead, while fun, is not covered by the warrantee. We do all that at the factory and more as part of our quality program.)

Specify Left or Right Bevel - Left hand bevel broadheads should be used on arrows with left wing feathers, and right hand bevel tips should be used on arrows with right wing feathers. If you are not sure on how to determine this... visit "Selecting the Bevel" before continuing.

*It is possible due to uncontrollable tolerance variations in material and manufacturing the weight of individual broadheads may vary by up to 10 grains from the indicated weight. Before packaging the broadheads are all weighed and grouped within 5 grains of each other.

Specify either left or right hand bevel.

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  • Manufactured by: Vintage Archery Co.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 May, 2011.

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