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***NEW*** "White Tip" BroadHead 300gr PRACTICE POINTS


White Tip Broadhead "PRACTICE POINTS." 

These practice tips are actual broadheads that the point and edges have been blunted. To distinguish them from regular broadheads the ferule has been notched and the tip painted white. The notch has no effect in mounting with adaptors or on wood arrows.

Practicing with broadheads builds skill and confidence and is a lot of fun.
(Shooting these points into a foam target may damage the target)  

Offered in the 190,225,and 300 broadhead styles including right and left bevel.

Package of 1 for $5.00

Specify Left or Right Bevel AND 190, 225 or 300 grain weight

Weights may vary. Note-Warranties do not apply to these points

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 12 March, 2017.

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