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High FOC Test Kit- shafts, adapters & field points


If you want to try out an EFOC arrow combination that can approach even Ultra EFOC limits consider this kit and save 15%.

We find the CE Maxima Red shafting to be quite easy to tune and forgiving across a wide range of front end weight and draw weights. With these two shaft weights we are confident that you can find a mid to high EFOC combination that fits your bow.

In this kit we are including one each of the 250 and the 350 CE Maxima Red shafts, and two each of our 190, 225, and 300 grain field tips, 2 each of the 75g, 100g and 125g screw in steel adapters, two of the brass screw in adapter inserts in 50g and 100g weights.

These items in combination can build assorted finished arrows up to 26% EFOC using the uncut, full length 350 shaft or 27.75% with the uncut 250 shaft. With just a little trimming you can easily enter the UEFOC range above 30%. Need more weight out front? Remember Vintage Archery offers screw in adapters up to 200 grains!

We recommend using a hot melt glue for the inserts and adapters to more easily interchange the points and adapters, and a bit of plastic shopping bag to hold the brass inserts into the shafts.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 11 July, 2015.

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