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Adapter- Stainless Steel TUFF EXTENDED Adapter



These heavier, custom Stainless Steel Adapters are offered in 150 grain, 175 grain and 200 grain.

The design is the result of a joint effort by Abowyer and Vintage Archery/TuffHead. It is our thought that that many archers would like to add more weight to their arrow to attain a higher EFOC but would like to experiment using their existing broadheads. The Tuff EXTENDED Adapter is the way to beef up the front weight of the arrow without a complete overhaul.

The “Tuff EXTENDED Screw-in Adapter” is made from 416 stainless steel and heat treated to our exact specifications. These adapters will fit all broadheads and points with a ATA/ AMO five degree taper. The screw post is 8-32 thread which is the standard in the industry and used extensively on arrow inserts.

Dr. Ashby's studies conclude that the arrow integrity is the number one factor in effective penetration. Arrow footings are used to significantly increase the structural integrity of the arrow. Integrity is paramount when maximizing penetration or making it through a day of killing stumps.

The “Tuff EXTENDED Adapter“ has the additional feature, if used with a footing, which will strengthen the front of your arrow by eliminating potential week spots in all arrow designs. A footing on the arrow can be slid down over the adapter post or extension and glued in place covering all the gaps between the end of the arrow and the broadhead.

Footings are also beneficial during the arrow tuning process. Depending on the arrow, the ArraFoot and the BigFoot Double Footing can add 10 to 20 grains of front end weight for increased FOC. Purchase the footers separately.

When using TUFF EXTENDED ADAPTORS on a 5/16 shaft, the #2 “ArraFoot“ single footing will by itself slide over and cover the adapter, insert and shaft collar reinforcing any weak spot. WHEN SELECTING AN ARAFOOT TO USE WITH A TUFF EXTENDED ADAPTER, THE NUMBER 2 IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL COVER THE SHOULDER OF THE INSERT OR THE SHOULDER OF THE EXTENDED ADAPTOR WITH OUT THE BIG FOOT COLLAR.ALL OTHERS REQUIRE THE BIG FOOT FOOTING. The #2 “BigFoot” (double footing) is optional for additional strength.

NOTE-When using TUFF EXTENDED ADAPTORS on shafts smaller than 5/16", such as a 9/32 shaft, the proper “ArraFoot" single footing will butt up against the shoulder of the Tuff EXTENDED Adapter or some insert collars.

If you want to also cover the adapter shoulder for maximum structural integrity(optional but desirable) a corresponding “BigFoot” double footing should be added to overlay all the joining components.
Purchase footers separately.

The Tuff Extended Adapter like our broadheads comes with a lifetime warranty.

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  • Manufactured by: Vintage Archery & Abowyer

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 March, 2015.

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