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Inserts- 5/16th Brass Replacement Arrow Inserts


50 and 100 GRAIN 5/16 BRASS INSERTS

Fits most 5/16 shafts. These commonly are 5/16 Gold Tip, Carbon Express and Easton/Beaman. Will fit most other arrows with an inside diameter of .2445. Replaces the light weight and weaker aluminum inserts. Threaded inside fits most standard screw in adapters.

An easy way to increase FOC and strengthen your arrow.

3 inserts per pack

An Arrafoot aluminum footing will completely cover the insert and arrow shaft joint for a smooth, even stronger arrow.

Dr. Ashby's studies conclude that the arrow integrity is the number one factor in effective penetration. Arrow footings are used to significantly increase the structural integrity of the arrow. That is paramount when maximizing penetration or making it through a day of killing stumps.

The footings are also beneficial during the arrow tuning process. Depending on the arrow, the ArraFoot and the BigFoot Double Footing can have a stiffening affect on the shaft. This can allow for a heavier point weight without changing to a stiffer shaft. Purchase the footers separately.

*When using a 5/16 shaft, the #2 “ArraFoot“ (single footing) will by itself slide over and cover the adapter collar on certain adapters, the insert shoulder and shaft reinforcing any weak spot. The #2 “BigFoot” (double footing) is optional for additional strength.

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  • Manufactured by: Vintage Archery Co.

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Brass Replacement Insert

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 July, 2014.

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