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Bevel Sharp Diamond Strop


The Bevel-Sharp is made by the Vintage Archery Co. in The U.S.A. It consist of a fine 600 grit DMT® diamond stone combined with a quality leather strop in a credit card size package. Originally designed for the archer to keep their broadheads and knives hunt ready it has become very popular with other outdoorsmen and women, wood carvers, crafters and tradesmen.

The Bevel–Sharp is unique and makes a great gift. Not only will the craftsman appreciate this handy item but anyone using knives, broadheads,and wood working tools will also. Get one for the kitchen for quick touch-ups of steak and carving knives. Sharp tools are a pleasure to use, dull tools are dangerous.

Why are sharp broadheads important to the hunter? Read Dr. Ashby's article on sharpness and the Clotting Cascade here and you will become a believer!

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 May, 2011.

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