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Book -BAREBOW! by Dennis Dunn


When BAREBOW! An Archer's Fair-Chase Taking of
North America's Big-Game 29 was first released at the
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Visitor Center in Missoula,
Montana, on National Hunting & Fishing Day of 2008, it instantly
became the most comprehensive, single-volume reference
work ever published on all of the North American Continent's
huntable species of big game. In BAREBOW!, author Dennis
Dunn teams up with two renowned wildlife artists, Hayden and
Dallen Lambson, to produce an eye-catching and stirring
account of North American wildlife, their habits and habitats,
and the enduring connection made by one man in tracking,
hunting, and harvesting the North American Super Slam with a
bow and arrow.

BAREBOW! also features the first-ever Artist Series of the
North American Super Slam. By like token, the author’s Super
Slam is the first ever accomplished by “barebow” means, with
no pins or other aiming devices attached to the bow.

Not only is every chapter laced with stunning artwork
(both color and black-and-white), but the book's 360,000 words
comprise 104 true stories of adventure and misadventure.

Additionally, Safari Club International permitted the
author to reproduce (at no charge) all the taxonomic and
biological information on each species and subspecies, drawn
from the SCI Records Books on N. A. big game — together with
their color-coded maps showing range and distribution of each
species and subspecies throughout the continent.

Then finally, at the very end of the book, the author
presents "A Hunter's Photo Collection", consisting of 60 very
special color pictures (taken by the author over the course of
his lifetime) of wildlife alive on the hoof or paw, and striking
wilderness landscapes.

The AFTERWORD Chapter at the end of the book presents
some very valuable advice and information for anyone
considering hunting north of the Canadian border — where
nearly all hunts have to be booked and guided through a
professional outfitter.

BAREBOW! has now won six (6) national awards and
carries the distinction of having garnered more literary
honors than any other hunting book ever published.

Breathtaking in its illustrations and spellbinding in its storytelling, BAREBOW! is the must-have addition to every hunter’s den, great room, or bedside table.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 February, 2016.

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