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Book -Rambling From The Old Derelict Bowhnter by Dr Ed Ashby


Now, Ramblings from the Old Derelict Bowhunter

More than just a Fireside book, "Now, …" is an amazing 350 pages of bowhunting and “bush-bumming” how-to, knowledge and lore, sprinkled with humor and bowhunting insights, told as only the Old Derelict can! Drawn from over 50 years of worldwide bowhunting experience these articles, written anonymously for over a decade for Archery Action, in Australia, are selected stories by Dr. Ed Ashby.

They covers everything from his misadventure with Montezuma Beans and Six-Can-Stew to shoe selection for stalking, how to track game, how to practice for hunting shots, how to stalk, what skills define the successful hunter, making and using predator calls, why we miss shots at game and much, much more. Learn how an archer never known for his shooting ability became one of the world’s most successful bowhunters. Best known for his technical writings on terminal arrow performance, here the reader meets Dr. Ashby’s plain-spoken alternate persona – the Old Derelict Bowhunter.

Your Purchase of “Now, …" Helps Support Our Wounded Service Members. 100% of the author’s profits from sales of “Now, …” go to Fisher House Foundation, a charitable organization that provides assistance to the families of severely wounded warriors, so that the family members can be with their loved ones during their period of recovery.

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