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Bowtotes & Arrow Quivers

Bow Totes and Kanati Strap on Arrow Quivers

Product Image Price- Item Name
BowTote Hands Free Sling $26.95

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BowTote Hands Free Sling

Bowtote hands free sling for longbows Posted Friday, September 16, 2011 at 5:14 PM on TradBow.com - "I ordered one of Joe's bow slings and received it yesterday. Just gotta say it is an excellent sling. Purchase was smooth and delivery quick. All...
Kanati Quiver $89.00

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Kanati Quiver

The Kanati quiver has a deep hood that allows the TuffHead and MeatHead to be placed into the foam insert so the full length of the broadhead is covered. This eliminates the chance that the archer can be cut by exposed cutting edges. The quiver is a...
Gift Certificate $1.00

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Choose any amount you would like on your gift certificate in One Dollar ($1.00) increments. If you would like a certificate amount of $25.00 then you would choose a quantity of 25. If you would like $250.00 then you would choose a...

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