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Glues, Burners & Point brushes

Things you need to attach points to adapters, or feathers and footers to shafts

Product Image Price- Item Name
Alcohol Burner $13.00

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Alcohol Burner

Alcohol Burner is a must when securing broadheads to adapters or wood arrows with hot melt glue. Use with denatured alcohol. Extra wick for burner $2.00 each
Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue $5.75

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Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue

Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue is a great fletching adhesive made for wood, carbon or aluminum shafts. Available in 3/4 oz. tube
Fletching Tape $8.75

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Fletching Tape

Feather Fletching tape. Easy to use. Simply place the feather in a fletching clamp and press the adhesive tape to the feather quill, peel off the backing, then slide the clamp down in the jig until the quill touches the arrow shaft. No fumes or...
Point Brush $8.00

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Point Brush

This point cleaning brush will help you keep you broadheads attached! The Point Brush will clean the interior of the point or broadhead down to the bare metal. Then simply dump the filings and glue your point to your shaft for a superior bond. No...
BearPaw Archery Glue $9.50

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BearPaw Archery Glue

Bearpaw has created this solvent free contact glue that has no noxious vapors. This is a universal glue that can be used on wooden, carbon, and aluminum shafts. You will also get great results using it on vanes, feathers, nocks, field points and...
Ferr-L-Tite Hot Glue $3.25

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Ferr-L-Tite Hot Glue

"Ferr-l-Tite" hot melt glue for installing point, inserts, broadheads and adapters $3.25 each
G-Lock Shock-Tite Thread Glue $13.50

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G-Lock Shock-Tite Thread Glue

G-Lock™ Shock-Tite™ creates a powerful bond, holding parts in place even during extreme impact. It is ideal for use with threaded adaptors, broadheads, field points, and accessory hardware. Shock-Tite™ has excellent shelf life so it will stay...
JB Weld Epoxy Adhesive $5.95

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JB Weld Epoxy Adhesive

JB WELD ….we highly recommend this two part epoxy for a extremely strong ,semi-permanent, bond of arrow accessories .This product is commonly used by, but not limited to, hunters seeking large and dangerous game. Used to bond aluminum, brass, steel,...
Quick Stick Hot Glue $8.75

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Quick Stick Hot Glue

This specially formulated "hot glue" won't get brittle in cold weather or soften in hot weather. Works great for installing points and inserts on wood, aluminum and carbon arrows. A small amount goes a long way! Available in a 2oz. stick.
Gift Certificate $1.00

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Choose any amount you would like on your gift certificate in One Dollar ($1.00) increments. If you would like a certificate amount of $25.00 then you would choose a quantity of 25. If you would like $250.00 then you would choose a...

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