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Sharpening Tools & Accessories

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Fine Leather Bench Strop $19.95

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Fine Leather Bench Strop

Fine Leather Bench Strop - Full length 12" - Leather 2-1/8" x 8" This handy accessory will save wear and tear on your dress belts. This strop is nicely done including the wood finish. Leather color will vary. $19.95 each
KME Self Aligning Broadhead Sharpener $59.95

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KME Self Aligning Broadhead Sharpener

We now recommend this sharpener after Jim Brandenburg, A/K/A Jim B. from Montana, showed us how to use it with different grades of sandpaper. Our original objection of not having access to a wide stone that the 3 !/6 long blade could be maneuvered...
Stropping Compound $3.50

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Stropping Compound

We offer aluminum oxide powder. It is easy to use with the bevel-sharp or any other leather strop. It does an excellent job. An ounce goes along way and last for what seems like an eternity. Just scoop out a small amount with the blade tip and work...
Gift Certificate $1.00

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Choose any amount you would like on your gift certificate in One Dollar ($1.00) increments. If you would like a certificate amount of $25.00 then you would choose a quantity of 25. If you would like $250.00 then you would choose a...

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