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A&A Fletching-Tapes-Glues-Tools

A&A Fletching, Turbulator tape, and fletching adhesives

Product Image Price- Item Name
Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue $5.75

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Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue

Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue is a great fletching adhesive made for wood, carbon or aluminum shafts. Available in 3/4 oz. tube
Fletching - A&A Feathers $7.95

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Fletching - A&A Feathers

Precut A&A (Ashby & Adcock) feathers. 12 feathers (2.5 inch long) per package plus enough turbulator tape for 4 arrows. To maximize your FOC, try the quietest, smallest and lightest weight feather fletching on you arrows. When your arrow is bare...
Fletching Tape $8.75

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Fletching Tape

Feather Fletching tape. Easy to use. Simply place the feather in a fletching clamp and press the adhesive tape to the feather quill, peel off the backing, then slide the clamp down in the jig until the quill touches the arrow shaft. No fumes or...
Beyond Bond Glue $15.95

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Beyond Bond Glue

If you fletch your own arrows Beyond Bond glue is extra thick and incredibly strong and when used with accelerator it makes adhesion instantaneous! Good for aluminum and carbon arrows. It is great for inserts, nocks, vanes and feathers. (The glue...
Feather Waterproofing Powder $7.00

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Feather Waterproofing Powder

This is an almost weightless, odorless waterproofing powder that will not affect arrow flight at all. When applied, feathers look and feel completely natural and are protected from rain, sleet, and snow under the worst possible conditions....
Bitzenburger Fletching Tool $94.95

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Bitzenburger Fletching Tool

The Dial-O-Fletch fletches straight fletch with either left or right wing. Includes straight fletch clamp only.
Bitzenburger Straight Fletch Clamp $34.95

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Bitzenburger Straight Fletch Clamp

If you already use the Bitzenburger fletching tool with helical clamps, you can add this straight clamp for use with our A&A feathers.

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